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Tim Weinhart - Director of Instruction
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Lesson Option Adults Juniors
45 Minute Lesson $150.00 $120.00
Six (6) Lessons for the Price of Five (5) $750.00 $600.00
Ten (10) Pack of Lessons $1200.00 $900.00

Oswald Drawdy - Lead Instructor
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First Time Series
4 hour lessons and 2 months use of Accelerized practice bays utilizing your “Hotlines”             $525
(Minimum of 8 guaranteed sessions)                                                         
For two months after the series start date, additional lessons may be purchased for $75 each

Accelerized practice: Schedule time in one of the Accelerized hitting bays. You will have full access to your Hotlines, your profile and full video. This is an integral part of retaining and ingraining swing improvements.
Individual Lessons/Accelerized Practice Pricing
One-hour lesson $125
Half-hour lesson $75
One-hour Accelerized practice $30
Half-hour Accelerized practice $20
Playing Lesson  
2 hour on course instruction $200


Bob Burk - Lead Instructor
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Individual Lesson Pricing Adults Juniors
45 minute golf lesson $90.00 $70.00
Six lesson package $450.00 $350.00
10 lesson package $700.00 $550.00
*Group Lesson Pricing    
Four golfers for four weeks $100 per player  
Six golfers for four weeks $85 per player  
(Group lessons are 90 minutes)    


Wes Helfrich - Lead Instructor
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Individual Lesson Adult Junior
45 minute golf lesson $110.00 $90.00
3 Lesson Package $275.00 $225.00
6 Lesson Package $550.00 $450.00
10 Lesson Package $925.00 $750.00
Group Lessons    
6 golfers for 4 weeks
 - 1 hour lesson each week.
$100.00 per golfer


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